The 5 Best Hockey Elbow Pads for Mobility

Super lightweigh elbow pads. Great option for elite level palyers

The 5 Best Hockey Elbow Pads for Mobility. When it comes to the questions of selecting hockey elbow pads, it has to be about their mobility, comfort, and protection. We all know that some elbow pads can become very uncomfortable by stiffening the arm and making it limited in flexibility.

Despite the problem, we cannot do away with the fact that the pads do a very important role in protecting the elbow which is a very fragile body part in regard to playing hockey. We decided to test various elbow pads and came up with the top five best hockey elbow pads for mobility. They include;

  • Warrior Alpha DX elbow pads
  • Bauer Vapor 1X lite elbow pads
  • CCM Super Tacks AS1 elbow pads
  • True XC9 Elbow pads
  • CCM Jetspeed FT390 elbow pads
  1. Warrior Alpha DX elbow pads

 Pro-leveled elbow pads that are designed for super mobility and protection of the player
Warrior Alpha DX elbow pads

They are pro-leveled pads that are designed for super mobility and protection of the player. A lot of advancements in the market of elbow pads have the Warrior Alpha DX elbow pads ranking in position one.

If you are a player in the hustle of elbow pads that have mobility, are fit and also putting protection into consideration, then look no further. Warrior Alpha DX elbow pads have you sorted.

Features of Warrior Alpha DX elbow pads

  • Have the three-piece design which gives the elbow a free natural motion and maximum artistry. This means that the player feels very flexible in any activity of the game be it passing the ball, stick-handling or shooting.
  • The cap is made of molded plastic embeds in the bicep area and the forearm part. This arrangement is of lightweight and user-friendly, guaranteeing that players have flexible feel while considering elite- level protection. In addition to this is the compressed Eva foam all through the aggregate. They also have a unique texture of the shell skin in the areas that experience high impacts, for example, forearms which help in dispersing power of direct effects like pucks and cross-checking.
  • It has 3 straps that comfortably hold in the elbow in its pocket which ensures that the player experiences a flexible mobile response.
  • The Wartech Strech sleeve which enhances the fitting and feels of the elbow pads by guaranteeing very little movements and slippage. It is also covered with polygiene which helps in draining the moisture and thus bring the cooling effect throughout the usage period


  • Offers a high level of protection and thus covers even the players who are physical in their game
  • High strike technology which brings in the mobility, fit and protection
  • The strap attachment system ensures that the pad is well secured to the arm
  • It is of lightweight that ensures that the hockey player is at his or her best while playing


  • They are not the lightest or the sleekest elbow pads model but they will secure you from injuries and perfect mobility


  1. Bauer Vapor 1X lite elbow pads

Super lightweigh elbow pads. Great option for elite level palyers
Bauer Vapor 1X lite elbow pads

The Bauer 1X lite elbow pads are super lightweight and a great option for protection to players of elite-level in search of best elbow pads for mobility and general flexibility.

The use of advanced technologies and materials has helped the protective gear be of 25% less weight as compared to the previous models and this is without compromising on the pro-level safety.

Its elbow cap is made using the Aerolite 2.0 type which also includes Superlite foam for protection of the bicep. The general assurance given by the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite elbow pads brings together three world-class level advancements and materials to ensure protection at its highest at an outrageous lightweight.

This elbow pad also uses the three- straps structure. The bicep strap is elastic and floating which helps in comfort and adjustment. The forearm strap is made of nylon to help in the secure fitting. Finally, the middle strap is in Y-shape to ensure a secure feel and zero aggravation within the elbow. It is also made of 37.5 technologies and sanitized technology in its liner to help in sanitation and comfort. Check the price on Amazon.

Features of the Bauer 1X lite elbow pads

  • Aerolite 2.0 Technology which takes care of the elbow pad maintaining such a super-lightweight at the same time offering protection.
  • 5 technology and sanitized technology of its inner liner. This helps in absorbing sweat and keeping away bad odour from the elbow pad gear.
  • Three-strap structure which enables in the secure fitting of the gear into the arm comfortably.


  • Offers great protection to the player
  • Offers great mobility experience when handling the stick, pucks and passing the ball
  • It is in a super-lightweight model which gives the player great comfort while playing with the gear on


  • It has a high price range, but worth the price with its capabilities of mobility and comfort


  1. CCM Super Tacks AS1 elbow pads

Focus on the mobility, protection, and ability to be customized in preference to the elite player’s needs
CCM Super Tacks AS1 elbow pads

The CCM Super Tacks AS1 hockey elbow pads focus on the mobility, protection, and ability to be customized in preference to the elite player’s needs.

For an elite player looking forward to solving the problem of elbow injuries, the CCM Super Tacks AS1 is the answer giving excellent protection and mobility. Obviously, the prevention of injuries to any body parts of a player is important, but with comfortable gears which also give free mobility. See the price on Amazon.

Features of the CCM Super Tacks AS1 elbow pads

  • Uses the D30 smart material which serves as shock and impact absorber thus enhancing the protection of the gear. The D30 smart material also gives a super lightweight.
  • Uses dual-layer bicep pad which helps in extending the protection of the bicep as compared to other elbow pads with extra coverage. It also enhances the mobility of the upper arm.
  • Uses CCM’s JDP cap and molded foam which combines with the D30 technology to enhance the dispersing of the impact immediately from the elbow.
  • Uses 3 fitting straps for attachment purposes. The 360-degree straps help in securing the elbow pad in place, giving comfort, mobility, and also avoiding slippage.


  • Use of advanced materials and technology like D30 which helps in offering great protection
  • Gives a high level of mobility
  • With its three straps attachment system, it offers secure fitting and comfort
  • It is of super lightweight
  • Highly customized to meet the needs of elite players


  • Inline with performance, there are no cons for this elbow pad though it comes at a high price as one of the best elbow pads models
  1. True XC9 Elbow pads

Designed focusing much on mobility, comfort, and protection of the player
True XC9 Elbow pads

The True XC9 elbow pads are designed focusing much on mobility, comfort, and protection of the player. No doubt, with the right fitting gears, the player remains comfortable and enjoys the game.

The performance also remains at par. True XC9 elbow pads are among the best pairs of the elbow pads an elite player should consider purchasing for protection and mobility.

Features of the True XC9 elbow pads

  • Three-piece design which helps in sorting out the mobility requirement. It also sorts out the coverage need of the arm giving great protection. Enables easy flexing during play like when passing the ball, stick handling and shooting.
  • The molded EVA foam which is well aligned in the three-piece design. This helps in the absorption of any impact and shock, giving great protection to the arm.
  • An adjustable strapping structure which helps in customizing the fit of a player depending on their preference fit. The strapping helps in securing the fit around the arm making sure that there are no slippages during play.
  • The moisture-wicking liner which helps in keeping the elbow pad dry during the play and even after. It also ensures that the pad remains lightweight and comfortable to the player.


  • A great fitting system which helps in the attachment to avoid slippages during the play. It also gives great mobility
  • The drying technology used in the liner helps the player remain cool throughout the game
  • The EVA foam which gives great protection by absorbing any shock and attacks
  • With the adjustable strapping system, this elbow pad is able to give the player a chance to customize their fitting accordingly


  • The elbow pads sell at a premium price


  1. CCM Jetspeed FT390 elbow pads

Offer great mobility, protection, and comfort
CCM Jetspeed FT390 elbow pads

The CCM Jetspeed FT390 elbow pads are designed to offer great mobility, protection, and comfort. They are made using the 3-piece design which helps in extended coverage of the upper arm and the bicep are offering great protection and mobility. An elite player looking to purchase a pair of elbow pads, CCM Jetspeed FT390 should be one of the models to consider.

Features of the CCM Jetspeed FT390 elbow pads

  • 3-piece design with a line of dry foam that provides mobility and great comfort. The foam also helps in the lightweight of the elbow pad and also the absorption of sweat thus keeping the payer cool and dry during the play
  • Uses the molded PE cap with the JDP design in its elbow cap which helps in dispersing the shock around the joint, while still enhancing a secure fit.
  • Uses three straps for attachment which helps in securing the elbow pads in a comfortable way while still allowing mobility


  • Great coverage of the upper arm and the bicep area thus providing excellent protection
  • Use of the three strapping system which ensures that the elbow pads remain in the right position during the play while ensuring great mobility
  • These pads are of super lightweight thus making the player very comfortable during the play
  • It has a cooling effect due to the use of dry foam which absorbs the sweat


  • Can be a bit tighter in fitting and not with the latest technology but in performance rating, I can say it is superb


It is my pleasure sharing my reviews with you, hope it was of great help. Remember to see more reviews on hockey gear in this site like Best Hockey Stick for Defenseman. Thanks for visiting. Till next time, bye-bye!

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